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Distribution of Village to College Scholarships
Dr. Gabriel Fernandes Honored in United
Recently, on April 30th , the Silver Jubilee Annual Banquet of the Association of
Scientists of Indian Origin in America (WWW.ASIOA.Com) was held in the evening at
the Westin Hotel in Washington DC. Indian Ambassador of USA, Honorable Mr. Sen
was invited as the Chief Guest, who delivered very informative talk to over 100
participates who were gathered to celebrate their 25th anniversary.
Dr. Gabriel Fernandes, hailing from Moodahadu Kudru, Barkur, at University of
Texas who is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association
( was also recognized among others during the occasion
for his past services, received a plaque from the Ambassador.

The ASIOA is helping not only to each others but also provides assistance to young
Scientists and graduate students of Indian origin in settling down and to advance
their respective careers in USA.
News: Copyright Kishoo, Barkur 2002.
The annual Village To College Scholarships were distributed recently at the Dr. Gabriel
Fernandes Auditorium at the Smt.Rukmini Shedthi Memorial Government First Grade
College , Barkur. Retd. Principal B. Seetharam Shetty,  Gerald Gonsalves, Ex-Vice
Presidenf  of St. Peter’s Church Parish Council distributed the scholarships for about 37
deserving students. The recipients were chosen from over 80 applicants, based on their
financial needs and with higher academic grades.
The following number of students were chosen:

6 students from 1st year BA; 11 students from 1st  year BBM; 5 students from 1st year
B.Com; 8 students from 2nd year BA; 2 students from 2nd  year B.Com; 3 students from  
3rd  year BA and 2 students from  3rd year
Besides these college students, 3 of the most needy students of Pre University  from Kudru
Village and one very deserving student from a  college from Udupi were also given
scholarships. The amount given per student ranged from,Rs.1000 to Rs. 2000 and a few
received Rs. 4000 each. The total amount dispersed this year was Rs. 62000.

Dr. Fernandes regret that he could not give scholarships to all the 80 applicants as there were
no outside donations received except from one Mr. Joe Martis from Kudru residing in USA,
who donated $100 for this scholarship cause.  He is very disappointed to see no one else
came forward to help these very deserving students to complete their College degree.

As a senior Faculty Dr. Fernandes was given a much closer a Garage spot to park his car.
Since a few years ago, the parking fee went up from $400 to $700 and he decided to choose a
distant open parking spot for $ 400 per year. This makes him to walk more which he feels very
healthy and also saved some money which is used to add to the scholarship funds. Also his
wife's car’s air-conditioning needed replacement since last 2 years   and as he has to drive
only4 miles to work, he gave his car to her and  decided to drive her old car which required
$1200 to replace the air conditioning saving these $1200 which gone in to the scholarship

Talking to us over the phone , Dr. Fernandes says that he only trying to give above small
deeds as a small example to help our fellow needy students, and he is sure many of us are
doing well and therefore please consider to help towards this good cause. And request us to  
visit Our visitors can  send e mails with your advice,
suggestions, or comments to

He appreciates the efforts of  Rajshekhar Hebbar , Principal for getting more courses
sanctioned for the college and as from this academic year onwards more degree awarding
courses will be offered at Barkur, which may help many students to attend Barkur College
rather than going away

to distant Colleges. So Dr. Fernandes  hopes that Barkur will grow more rapidly and we will be
very proud to see many good changes happening soon. He also adds as an after thought that
he may not have too many years to witness this rapid progress but many of us are far
younger in age will surely enjoy visiting and staying in Barkur in the coming years.