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The Foundation

The foundation is the dream of Dr. Gabriel Fernandes, a dream he wishes to share with
everyone. Helping needy families from remote Indian villages better their lives after
completing their High school and/or Pre University College to continue further to complete
their College degree is his dream.
Goals and Specific Aims of the Foundation
  • To provide full or partial scholarships to cover tuition cost to bright and promising
    students from several rural remote villages in Barkur, India, whose parents for
    centuries are mostly non-educated farming laborers and cannot afford to send their
    children to obtain higher college education.

  • To provide financial help to buy school/college books and/or uniforms to very needy

  • To provide a small financial help to buy either food or medical aid to needy parents
    whose children are attending colleges there by depriving them of immediate income
    from their children to support the families.

  • To provide in the near future scholarships to nearby needy village students to attend
    the Brahmavar, Kalianpoor, and  Kundapoor colleges.
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National Pre-University College, Barkur
New News
Old News
The Recently built new Government College Building in Barkur. Till
2000, there was no college nearby in the historic Town of Barkur.
College Day Celebration in Dec. 2005
Dr. G. Fernandes has  provided partial funding to
complete and furnish the new college auditorium
in 2006 with a seating capacity for 400 students